5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Gas

Owning a car comes with ongoing expenses, but if you’re strategic, you can find ways to save here and there.

Keeping up with maintenance is one way to avoid expensive repairs, and defensive driving can help you avoid wrecks.

When it comes to the necessary (and often painful) experience of filling up your gas tank, there are ways to save here, too.

Look over these money-saving tips if you’re looking to keep your fuel costs as reasonable as possible.

  • Take advantage of rewards programs. Gas rewards and loyalty programs allow you to earn points that can add up to free gas and other perks, and these programs are free to join. When picking one out, think about which gas station you use most often.
  • Check for cash-back options. Take a look at your credit card’s rewards. Does your card have cash-back rewards for filling up on gas? If not, you could research other cards and consider applying for one that does.
  • Try out carpooling. If you usually drive to and from work every day, talk to your coworkers. Does anyone have a similar commute? Could you take turns driving? If you are ferrying your kids to and from school and activities, talk to the other parents. You might be able to organize a carpooling schedule.
  • Plan your routes. With smartphones, it’s easy to plan your trips before you start driving. Select the most efficient ways to cut down on mileage and the number of times you’ll need to fill up.
  • Bundle your home and auto insurance. Bundling your home and car insurance won’t make gas any less expensive, but it can potentially lower the amount you spend on car insurance. A lower car insurance rate can help to offset the steep price of gas.  

Do you have any questions about your insurance options? Reach out to make sure you have the coverage you need.

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