Get to Know 3 Home Security Innovations

Do you ever leave your home and second-guess if you locked the front door? When you’re in a rush, security isn’t always the first thing on your mind.

We all want to protect our homes and our valuables from a break-in. And you may already have a home security system, but do you know about the latest technology that could make your property more secure and easier to manage? 

Here’s a look at three recent innovations in home security.

  • Secure Home Access: Now, you can unlock your front door with your fingerprint. Smart locks aren’t inherently more secure than regular locks. But if you often forget to lock up, a smart lock’s programming and accessibility through your smartphone can help you keep your home more secure (and you don’t have to worry about anyone guessing your PIN). 
  • Compatible Smart Home Devices: If you find it annoying to have one app to control your thermostat, another for your light timers, and another for your alarm system, know that improvements are on the way. A project called Matter, set to launch before the end of this year, should allow consumers to operate more devices using a single system.
  • Intruder-Sensitive Cameras: Some outdoor security cameras can tell the difference between someone who is just going for a walk down your street or delivering a package and someone who is hanging around for too long. The camera can sound a warning tone to scare off potential criminals and send a lurker alert to your phone.

A home security system could make you eligible for a property insurance discount, too. Get in touch today to discuss your policy or anything else.

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