Keeping Holiday Gifts Safe in Your Vehicle 

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, robbery and personal larceny are two types of crimes that tend to increase during the holiday season. Researchers believe this is because people may be more desperate for money and goods. They are also crimes of opportunity. During the busy holiday season, many are shopping for expensive gifts. Criminals take note of this and decide to strike. So, while the holiday season signals a time for celebrating with family and friends, people also have to be careful that it’s a time that criminals may target them.

Car and Package Safety Tips

Most people shop more during the holiday season than they do during other times of the year. However, you must take precautions while shopping, especially if you are driving from store to store in your vehicle. There are several ways you can protect your vehicle and your merchandise.

Remove gifts from view – As soon as you purchase items and bring them back to your car, make sure you place those items in the trunk of your vehicle. This is the safest place to hold your items while you continue shopping. The trunk of the vehicle keeps items out of view from criminals.

Make large purchases last – Larger items are usually more expensive. Purchasing these items last lessens the amount of time they are left inside your vehicle. This lessens the amount of time that thieves will have to steal your items.

Shop during the daytime – Thieves will sometime wait for nighttime before they attempt to break into your car. It’s best to do shopping while the sun is out.

Lock your car doors – It seems like everyone should know this but it’s worth mentioning. Make sure you lock your doors every time you leave your vehicle to go inside another store.

Park in a safe spot – It’s best to park in areas that are near a store’s entrance and in a well-light area. Experts suggest that you avoid parking next to vans or large SUV vehicles, which could give thieves a place to hide while breaking into your vehicle.

Drop-off purchases at home – You may consider dropping off expensive items at your house. This depends on how close your home is to areas where you do holiday shopping. However, keeping your items safe may be worth the drive.

Move the car – Some suggest that you move the vehicle every time you come out of a store with a purchase. They believe it will throw criminals off who may be watching you from afar.

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