The Top Five Most Common Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

Homeowner’s insurance covers repairs and replacements for your home after damage occurs. This can include fire, hail damage, smoke, theft vandalism, etc. It can provide coverage for living expenses if you need temporary housing, as well as medical fees or legal expenses. Homeowner’s insurance can also cover other aspects such as tree removal, fences, dog bites, and even plumbing issues. It’s an excellent resource for all homeowners to have. 

Understanding which type of home insurance claims are the most common can protect you against them. There are several options to choose from in terms of selecting a policy. To get the right policy for you, you have to know about the most common claims that may impact you.

Wind or Hail Damage

Eight of the top 10 most stormiest cities in the United States are in Florida. So many Florida homeowners are no strangers to wind or hail damage. Strong winds can cause damage to a home’s roof, windows, and other outer facets of a home. The average claim related to wind or hail damage is around $11,000.

Water Damage

This is an insurance claim that impacts nearly one in 50 insured homes in the United States. Claims can result from stormy weather like hurricanes. However, other causes of water damage could be burst pipes, plumbing failures, etc. Most home insurance policies will account for protection against water damage that could occur. It’s important to note that flooding may require its own, separate policy. Homeowners should check their home insurance policy to make sure.

Fire and Lightning Damage

This type of claim is one of the less common ones, however, it can be one of the more expensive claims to file. Some claims can reach up to $80,000 or higher. That’s because fire damage usually impacts a home’s cosmetic exterior but also its structure. Without this insurance policy, homeowners can be left with huge fees.


This can involve physical damage to a door or window and also the items taken from inside a home. Property owners should make sure their expensive items are covered within their policy. It’s a good idea to continually update your policy to include new items that you bring into your home.

Bodily Injury

As mentioned above, there are lots of options for homeowner’s insurance. Other liabilities that homeowners can claim include dog bites, falls on stairs, swimming pool accidents, trampoline injuries, etc. Bodily injury claims are estimated at 2% of homeowner claims. These policies are expected to help cover the financial costs that result from these events. Liability claims can average around $30,000.

Helping You Mitigate Risks

Let COBIA Insurance help you with all of your homeowner insurance needs. We have representatives to walk you through which policies will benefit you the most. As a locally operated insurance agency, our team members have the experience to help you mitigate any possible risks.

Please contact us to learn more about all of our insurance services. We look forward to working with you!

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