Tips For A Safe College Send-Off

It can be nerve-wracking to send your child off to college. It’s usually an exciting time for the child but an anxiety-ridden time for the parent. There are so many factors to consider when sending your child off to college that it can be overwhelming. When it comes to moving, it is important to be prepared for any challenges that can arise. Consider these tips to set your child up for success and ease anxieties.

Move Your Child Safely

If your child is moving out of the house when going off to college, you might be tempted to hire a moving company, especially if they’re moving across the country. When searching for movers, finding a safe and reliable company is critical. One of the top things to consider is if the movers are insured. They’ll be hauling heavy loads and driving with valuables. An accident can occur while on the road or when unloading boxes. Hiring a company with insurance can give you peace of mind. 

Obtain Renters’ Insurance

Sometimes college students don’t think practically or are unaware of ways to protect themselves. Renters’ insurance is a must if they’re going to rent a house or apartment. This can protect their property in case of a fire or flood, as policies vary. Some properties might require renters’ insurance. When searching for an insurance company, compare the different levels of coverage and what all it entails. College students have expensive books and laptops, so proper protection can prevent them from getting behind in school.

Learn About Safety Programs

A lot of college campuses offer safety programs for their students. A popular program is an escort service for students getting across campus at night. It typically involves students utilizing an app or calling a phone number to request a ride (usually a golf cart) and the driver dropping them off at the appropriate building or their car. Another safety feature of college campuses is the blue light call boxes. If their cell phone is dead or doesn’t get service, they can call for help if needed. Most universities provide safety information on their website so that you can cover this vital information together with your child. 

The Importance of Health Insurance

It’s no secret college students don’t always prioritize their health. Having your child obtain health insurance can prevent any costly emergency medical bills. Under the Affordable Care Act, dependents under 26 can stay on the parent’s health insurance plan. This is usually the cheaper option rather than them getting their own health plan. Some universities might offer health insurance, but it might not be the most affordable or comprehensive plan. 

Send Them Off Safely With Cobia

Every parent wants to keep their child safe, especially in college. Ensuring your college student has all the right insurance plans can prevent any surprise expenses. Along with insurance to keep your child safe, talking to them about safety practices is vital. College websites are an excellent resource for information on the campus layout, who to call for a campus emergency, and any safety programs they offer. Contact Cobia Insurance today to learn about insurance options to keep your children safe.

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